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General Conditions for Shipping by means of combined rail-road freight
Effective from January, 1st 2010

The Company Interporto Servizi Cargo S.p.A. is licensee by Regione Campania for planning, construction and management of Nola Interport. Interporto Servizi Cargo S.p.A. with the aim to promote the development of combined rail-road transport between the North and the South of the Country, thus living a contribution to the growth of goods traffic in the Southern areas of Italy in accordance with environment and safety provisions, has decided to supplement its structure as “Interport”, with the activity as “Intermodal forwarder”.

Interporto Servizi Cargo S.p.A. as “Intermodal Forwarder” is engaged in the promotion, marketing and management of traditional freight transport, containers, mobile boxes, semitrailers, articulated trucks and tractors – empy and/or full- through devoted freightcars and any other supplementary or connected service. Conditions and prices arranged in the offer of Interporto Servizi Cargo S.p.A. freight shipping are considered effective for a 30 days-period.
Time will run from the forwarding date of the offer by Interporto Servizi Cargo S.p.A.. Offers shall be held binding for Interporto Servizi Cargo S.p.A. only in case of receipt by Interporto Servizi Cargo S.p.A. of client’s acceptance within the above mentioned 30-days period.

In case of unforeseeable, unavoidable circumstances, independent of Interporto Servizi Cargo S.p.A.’s responsibility , offers shall be, by full right, suspended through the whole length of these circumstances and in this event both Interporto Servizi Cargo S.p.A. and the client are entitled to cancel their offer or acceptance.
the expenses incurred for protection or safe custody of UTI (Intermodal Transport Unit) in these cases will be charged to the client. The offers only include the operations therein explicitly specified.

Download here the PDf file containing all freight shipping conditions.