why choose ISC



Isc relies on a punctuality percentage higher than 92%



Isc grants high safety standard thanks to its specialized staff.

rispetto per l'ambiente


The electric locomotives allow for the protection of ecosystems.



The operational heart of ISC is Nola Interport and Nola Intermodal Terminal (TIN).

Only example in Italy of a privately-owned railway system linked to National Rail network, the station is equipped with 13 pickup and delivery tracks (each 750m-long) with a direct connection to the Intermodal Terminal. This enables the block tracks to reach the Terminal within max 20 minutes from their arrival at the station, thus assuring a faster availability of goods.

TIN is a 225.000 m2 intermodal terminal. Equipped with a 60.000 m2 customs area where extra-UE goods can be temporarily stored before their nationalization.

One of its main strengths is the location. It is located on the main traffic axis: North-South, East-West of Italy, National Railway axis connected to the European one, Two seas Corridor. With a direct access to the main motorways: A16 Naples - Bari, A30 Caserta – Salerno, A1 Naples – Milan e A3 Salerno – Reggio Calabria. Only 20 km away from Naples Capodichino airport and 30 km from the port of Naples.

ISC can also rely on primary services in the Terminal of Milan Segrate, Verona Q.E., Bologna Interport , Pomezia SGT, Bari Ferruccio.

ISC staff works within these terminals in order to ensure maximum control over all the operations, from the takeover to the making available.