why choose ISC



Isc relies on a punctuality percentage higher than 92%



Isc grants high safety standard thanks to its specialized staff.

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The electric locomotives allow for the protection of ecosystems.

The fleet

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ISC covers currently available connections with Bombardier E 483 electric locomotives.

Locomotore Bombardier E 483

Diesel D 753 locomotive are used for Terminal’s operations.

Locomotore CKD 753

The Rolling stock also comprises:


  • 32 four- axle wagons Type Sgnss 60’
  • 14 six-axle wagons Type Sggrss 80’
  • 21 six-axle wagons Type Sggmrss 90’
  • 42 eight-axle wagons Type Sffggmrrss 90’ Multifret Low-floor
  • 12 eight-axle wagons Type Sffggmrrss 90’ Megafret extra low-floor.

These last 2 wagon typologies, thanks to their low-loading platform allow for ITU High Cube freight even on lines with a particular restrictive loading gauge profile (C22).