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Isc relies on a punctuality percentage higher than 92%



Isc grants high safety standard thanks to its specialized staff.

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The electric locomotives allow for the protection of ecosystems.

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                  Nuovo Operatore Intermodale  Srl is an Intermodal Operator whose aim is to promote, market and manage combined transport of goods at national and international level.

The Growth Plans of N.O. I see the company positioned, in the combined transport of goods, as the main private player.The company  can offer to its Clients, the largest Italian and European Operators, a network of trains that connect daily: Milano Segrate with Nola Interporto, Pomezia Sgt and Bari Ferruccio, Verona QE with Nola Interporto and Bologna Interporto with Nola Interporto.

 Thanks to the agreements with major European intermodal operators, IFB, Hupac, Komviverkehr / Cemat, the Nuovo  Operatore Intermodale has a last-generation wagon park, which allows transport to and from South of Italy  of any type of mobile cabinet , container or intermodal tank, including the High Cube.

 All trains have an afternoon travel with a cargo lock and made available to UTIs in the early hours of the following morning.

Thanks to the collaboration with Interporto Servizi Cargo SpA, a railway company of the group, and the monitoring of the h / 24 trains from the operating room, the rail services organized by ISC Intermodal had a punctuality score of 92%.


 Interporto Servizi cargo SpA (ISC) was established in 2009 and soon achieved the railway license and the Safety Certificate for freight transport.

 Already from the first half of 2010 ISC covers the national territory with long-distance North-South trains. Today ISC serves the Milan Segrate terminals, Bologna Interporto, Verona Quadrant Europe, Pomezia Santa Palomba, Bari Ferruccio and Nola Interporto. Furthermore, within the NA.P.L.E.S. project developed by Interporto Campano S.p.a. and the Port Authority of Naples with the collaboration of the Campania Region, ISC has launched a shuttle shuttle service that allows the Naples Port to be connected directly to the Nola Interporto. Thanks to the collaboration with IFB, Kombiverkehr and Hupac, the largest European railway operators, ISC has the opportunity to reach the most important terminals of the continent.

 The company's industrial plan envisages the expansion of the network up to 17 national connections per day.

 To date, ISC guarantees its Customers punctuality, efficiency and maximum attention to their needs.